a third person action adventure

About the game


Illuminum is a third person action adventure game by David Arndt. It is being developed with Unity3D and written in Unityscript and C#. Since the Unity engine allows easy deployment to all gaming platforms, the game will probably be published for PC, Mac, iOS and Android as well as for the online Unity web player. Currently, development is focused on the stand alone PC version and the online version.


The idea

The idea was to create a game with the classic feel of an adventure with action elements and combine it with a new, unused and unusual look and a heavy atmosphere. This is accomplished firstly by the setting, a dark, abstract world in combination with the use of differently coloured light. Secondly by the music and sounds, all of which are composed specifically for the game. Thirdly by a deep and complex story that leads the player through a dark world of strange encounters, puzzles and danger.


Gaming modes

There will be two gaming modes: each level has to be played in adventure mode first, with a focus on the story.

After having completed a level in adventure mode the competitive highscore mode is unlocked. This mode features an online highscore so players can compare their scores as well as asoundtrack fitting the faster gaming style.

The idea of a multiplayer co-op is also being toyed with but that would be an add-on implementation.

the setting

An unnamed city in darkness. Some spots of light from street lamps (outside) and though windows inside. You cannot see the sun. It is hidden behind dark clouds and fog. You cannot see very far because of the darkness (fog of war) until you have lightened an area. The look & feel is dark, moody, the only immediate light source is your own light. All around are different coloured cubes. You can pick up some cubes but not all of them.



Gather light to survive in the looming darkness. You can recharge your light energy at light cones. These come in four colours: blue, red, green and white. Each light colour can only be recharged at the correspondingly coloured light cone and white light cones replenish all energy types. By picking up coloured cubes you can enhance your abilites. Pick up cubes to increase your light storage capacity and use them to purchase skill upgrades at the end of each level.



Skills are an important feature of the game. Skills are separated into three categories, blue, red and green, corresponding to the light cube colours you find. You can unlock skills in encounters. By collecting coloured cubes you can purchase upgrades after each level. Skills are needed to defeat enemies and to solve puzzles.


Blue Light

Blue Light is your life-energy. It is used up all the time, slower when standing still, faster when moving. Blue skills also use up blue energy, so be careful you don't use too much of it and die. Blue light is neded to solve electrical puzzles.

Skill 1: light bullet

Skill 2: electrical bolt



Red Light

Red light is the warm light of fire. You can use it to light fires and candles, melt ice and defeat certain enemies faster.

Skill 1: fire - throw fireballs

Skill 2: laser - fire a powerful red laser beam


Green Light

Green light is the light of nature. It is useful for moving in the forest and can only be recharged in the vicinity of plants so it is seldomly found in the city.

Skill 1: glow of life - you glow green, enemies fear you and move away

Skill 2: tranquility - slow down time for a short while




There are several types of enemies in the game. Some are more or less passive, some are more aggressive.

Darkspheres float around randomly. They are drawn towards the player if he is near. Collision with player deals damage (according to size) but kills them (like bubbles). They take damage from light bullets fired by the player and their health is coupled with their size. If two (n) spheres collide they merge to a larger sphere with twice (n times) the volume & health points. Darkspheres die in a puff of smoke if killed.



One in a while you encounter other Lighties or other beings. You have to talk to them, help or fight them and, if successful, you will gain new skills. This part of the game is heavily story-oriented.



In order to complete levels you need to solve puzzles. They are always centred around a light or energy topic. Collect dry wood in the forest in order to build a fire, activate electrical circuits, divert light with mirrors or push light switches in order to light up an area.


Please note that this is a work in progress and subject to constant change. If you would like to comment on anything, please contact me or leave a comment on my blog.