a third person action adventure

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How to play

At the beginning you don't know what's happened. Everything is dark. Find out what's going on. Get accustomed to the changed surroundings (darkness, fog). Look around with your mouse. Steer your Lighty with W, A, S, D, float over smaller obstacles by pressing space. You can increase or decrease your light radius by pressing E or Q in order to see better or to conserve energy. Right click or press Alt to shoot light bullets.

Blue light is your life-energy. You use it up all the time, faster when moving. You can recharge at artificial lights all around the map. Find these light cones before your light meter runs out or you will die. You can increase your light storage capacity by picking up blue cubes. You can only recharge your life-energy at blue or white light cones. Beware that shooting also uses up blue light energy.

Press F1 in the game to call up the help menu.



You can play with mouse and keyboard or with your Xbox controller on your PC.




Change log

Alpha 4 - 2012-07-30

The fourth public release. Major changes: xbox controller enabled, new menu & navigation, settings

Alpha 3 - 2012-05-15

The third public release. Major changes: integrated simple main menu & true level reset.

Alpha 2 - 2012-05-11

The second public release. Major changes: integrated online high score, added cube pickup effects, added more GUI elements.

Alpha 1 - 2012-04-26

The first public release. You can steer Lighty and collect coloured cubes. Blue cubes increase your light storage. You can also shoot light bullets but there is nothing to shoot as yet. Some GUI elements + help menu via F1 and a death message are present.




Find any problems, bugs, errors, unexpected behaviour or do you just want to help with suggestions? Log into the bug tracker with the username guestreport and password illuminum.