a third person action adventure



is a third person action adventure game developed with Unity3D at the GameLab Freiburg.

The target of development is the classic feel of an adventure game with action elements combined with a new, unused and unusual look and a heavy atmosphere. With its combination of a deep story and an intuitive gameplay principle, Illuminum will draw you into a world never seen by human eyes.


Look around the site, listen to the beginning of the story. Then play the game and send me your feedback, if you feel like it.


The game is currently under development. The latest playable release and a change log can be found here.

2012-07-30 - alpha 4 released: major changes: xbox controller enabled, new menu & navigation, settings

2012-05-15 - alpha 3.1 released: fixed some bugs, notably the buggy score reset.

2012-05-15 - alpha 3 released: first main menu prototype & true level reset now active!

2012-05-11 - alpha 2 released: get competitive with the new online high score!